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The adventure starts with Lifestyle Tours,

All year round Europe buzzes with life, the renaissance of the cities, combined with history and legends, culture and style, revealed by its many attractions and wonderful architecture.

We have hand picked a few attractions, day and night, depending on your chosen destination we are happy to arrange any of these activities. A Stag party, with hostesses, in the popular city of Krakow, or a murder Mystery dinner party in Dracula’s Castle in Romania!

your imagination is our only limit !
Lifestyle Tours™                  
Day Time Activities       Night Time Activities

These are our daytime activities.
Limousine and Plane Services
Lifestyle Tours can provide a Luxury Limousine Service, avoid the rush and stress of arrival and let us provide you with a quality, relaxed, atmospheres and arrive in style. Private plane services are also available.
Wildcat Tour – Insurance Recommended for this one !
Poland boasts animals either unique or extremely rare elsewhere–European bison, tarpan wild horse, bear, chamois, lynx, wildcat, wolf, elk, boar, and deer. Wolves and brown bear are found in the mountains, take the challenge but take precaution with this tour ! Me Tarzan you Jane !!
Off Road Adventure Tour – Prepare to get Dirty
Head for the hills across some rough, tough terrain in a hardy 4-wheel drive vehicle. You'll be amazed by what a four wheel drive vehicle can do. Mud, holes, gullies, steep slopes - the most rugged terrain can be crossed if you have the skills. We have carefully selected the best off road driving locations in the country.
Bungee 2010
Try these on for size, Bungee from a cliff, waterfall, towers, planes and helicopters! No !#^* (Insurance recommended for this tour, and please read our disclaimer)
Endurance Tour – Not suitable for stags or hen’s nights !
Similar to the Tour de France, but on ropes and other crazy gear. To train like an Iron man, you apparently need to know your rate of oxygen uptake, your lactate threshold, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, and the date you should reach your peak, so prepare for this one years ahead ! or try the Old Tourists Tour !

Parachuting Free Fall (you need more than a few days for this one)
There is more than one way to make your first jump, you can make a Tandem, or Accelerated Freefall jump. Each method has its own risks; insurance is a must and loads of Red Bull.
It has a religious following all of its own and stands untouched as the playground of the rich. Like skiing, they say that once you've sampled it there is no going back.
Shop till you Drop Tour
This tour takes you on a shopping bonanza around the city, Krakow is renowned as a fantastic shopping city and with the latest Galeria Krakowska, it will amaze you. Lots of energy, money, shopping friends, and some soft shoes recommended for this Tour. Optional Boy Scouts with this tour!
Spa Retreat – Geo Thermal
A Spa is the perfect place to unwind. Personal pampering, treating mind, body and soul to essential nourishment. Lifestyle Tours, can arrange a wide range of Spa treatments, designed for everyone from orthodox treatments to ancient therapies. We can also arrange a VIP geothermal spa visit, to one of the natural spas located in Poland.

Playboy Pool Parties
We'll leave this one to your imagination …….
River Boat Parties
This is the ultimate way to see the city, in style and luxury. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate dinner, chartering one of our partner’s vessels can make the occasion extra-special.
Heli Boarding and Heli Skiing
Floating in waist-deep powder, you ride down a sea of pure virgin snow, grinning from ear to ear - unbelievable! ..another thousand metres – and you spot your helicopter sitting in the snow, waiting to fly your group to yet another run in paradise.
Hovercraft Racing
Whether it is zooming along land or water you will learn to master the difficulty of getting a balance between thrust and lift as the powerful engine provides lift to enable the hovercraft to ride on a cushion of air.
Quad Racing
Quad biking is a fabulous laugh, a perfect pick-me-up from the excesses of the night before and a welcome appetiser for the boisterous night ahead. It provides a focus for the evening's chat and piss-taking, and something to talk about other than women!
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing has been featured in many popular movies, such as Cliffhanger and Vertical Limit. Make your own movies – no flip flops or high heels allowed on this tour.
Jet Trips
The Dunajec River forms the border between Slovakia and Poland for 18 kilometres. Our rafts are suitable for people, who never been in a boat or raft before. For families with children, business trips, hung over stags, etc.
This one sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Once you've found the right Karting track, with the best race conditions, you'll be set for a truly fantastic experience, a chance to behave like the big kid you know you are!
Snow Kite Tour – Suicide on a string Tour !
Snow Kiting is easy to learn when you take lessons with a certified instructor. Like any sport, you can learn via the school of hard knocks, which for some has been called "suicide on a string", or you can take a 2 hour lesson and save yourself needless frustration. 
Old Tourists Tour !
So you want the Old Tourists Tour; Sightseeing, Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mines, Black Madona Shrine, Dinner, Concerts. Krakow is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in central Europe, Krakow is hard to forget, this tour will inspire you to keep coming back to each time to discover new and exciting moments of beauty

4x4 Driving - Drive It To The Max
With research showing that there are over seven times more 4x4s on the roads now than there were ten years ago, the big question must be: why do so few people take them further than the shops or the cinema?
Paragliding Tour
Modern Paragliders can be soared effortlessly on windward slopes and across country in good conditions. It is the same freedom that hang glider pilots have, but a Paraglider is more portable and a little easier to learn to fly. You cant learn to fly one on this tour, but we have passenger seats !!
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Pretend to be part of the landed gentry for a couple of hours - call each other Charles, Henry, Camilla and Tara if it helps - and see how long it takes you before you start ordering people around, smoking expensive cigars and drinking port!
Deep Sea Fishing
Sail out into the open sea and have a day deep sea fishing with your friends. Twelve or Nine people to a boat and bait and tackle are included within the price. All you need do is jump aboard for a great day!
Honda Pilots

Get ready for action with these sturdy little devils, guaranteed to give any stag group a splendid ride! These ATV Rally Karts genuinely test your driving skills, forcing you to remain at the maximum to get around the course.

Ultra Light Ride - James Bond Style
Bond, get in, sit down, and shut up, this ones not for the faint hearted, Insurance of course. !
Teamwork is essential in capturing the flag and thereby defeating the other side, however it's when you choose to substitute that teamwork for pure evil and go after anyone you want to that the fun really begins!
Oil Well Tour – for all you Oil Barons  !
Known as the rock oil at the time, the first crude oil mine in the world in Bóbrka near Krosno, now the site of the Oil Industry Museum. The first oil refinery was constructed in nearby Ulaszowice in 1856, and when it burned down, a modern refinery was built in Chorkówka.
Shindlers List Tour
Take the tour where you see the sites which Steven Spielberg used for his location shots of Oscar wining "Schindler's List".
Chakra Tour
The Chakra Tour - Hindus believe the chakra is part of a powerful energy field which connects all living things. There are seven points on the surface of the earth where this chakra energy is most concentrated. These points include Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome...and Krakow’s Wawel Hill.
The Walking Dunes Tour 
Slowinski National Park has been recognized by UNESCO as part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.  The shifting sand-dunes caused by sand washing onto the beach, then drying and blowing inland. The dunes move at a rate of about 30 feet a year and can reach a height of ninety-nine feet. Entire villages have long disappeared under waves of sand.
Krzyztopor Castle Tour – Knight Tournament Tour
The enormous castle of Krzyztopor was set upon the rock, thus safe from dynamiting. It had four towers symbolizing the fours seasons and twelve big halls, one for each month, 52 chambers, one for each week of the year, and 365 windows. Destroyed in the mid- 17th century, it is now a formidable ruin.
Polish Food Tour
Food is one of the first and most immediate contacts we have with a country. Polish people, love their food and they are proud of it. Make it a more memorable time by taking the Polish Food Tour in Krakow; we know the genuine, traditional places. All kinds of spices, as well as different kinds of noodles, soups and dumplings, the most notable of which are the pierogi. 
Horse Drawn Carriage – Do it in Style
Do in 16th century style, the family's state coach perhaps ! Enjoy a romantic carriage ride through the city or take one as your taxi, combine it with a shopping tour and you’ll feel like kings and queens.  

These are our night activities, and are the ones which are most commonly found in our organised weekends packages.
Polish Drinking Tour – Club Style
Can you pass the test ? Can you out drink the locals ? How many trays of Kamikaze can you manage ? Can you’re group beat the record ? Certificates provided. (First Aid Nurses recommended for this tour !)
Find Your Friend Tour !
In some parts of Europe its tradition to kidnap the bride, the groom must locate her, normally he has to search in a lot of pubs until he finds her, where he must pay the drink tab, well that’s a bit late for us! so were going to Kidnap your nominated friend or friends, until you find them you must pay the drink tab.
Big Boys Treasure Hunt Tour
We'll hide a group of beautiful girls in one of the 300 pubs, your mission is to find them! the longer you take to locate them the more expensive the game becomes !! think about it ! (Maps and Clues provided with this tour)
Fancy Dress Tour
Dress to impress, no one will recognise you’re group! You’ll get express entry  - and have a free ride home at any time.. in the back of a police car. Seriously loads of fun.
VIP Hostess Party
VIP Access, VIP Treatment. Make your own party, and do it in style with beautiful girl guides. Knowledgeable hostesses, concerts, restaurants, bars, pubs, club tours, from two hostesses to fifty we have the team to make it a memorable party. Ideal for a great party and a fantastic start to a stag weekend, in Krakow.
Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Ball, in style with Lifestyle Tours, such elaborate celebrations and dynastic events of late medieval court life. Masquerade balls are great fun, and a great way to celebrate a special occasion.  
Night - River Boat Parties
The sights at night are truly magnificent. This is the ultimate way to see the city, in style and luxury. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate dinner, chartering one of our partner’s vessels can make the occasion extra-special.
Host a Murder Mystery
Host a Murder Mystery party in a medieval castle. Host a customized, party tailored to the unique interests of the host and guests. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party for 6 or an entire mystery weekend for hundreds, we have everything you need.
Casino Nights
Casino nights are great fun, take all you’re’ mates, make it a group session; see who looses the most cash!
Snow Bunny Tour
We don’t let snow get in the way of a good party, neither do the locals! Beach parties, Surf Parties, Ibiza Nights, Swimwear Nights, you name it, and Krakow has it, any time of the year. This tour complete with Snow Bunnies, bring your gloves!
Comedy Club
There is an excitement and intimacy about live stand-up comedy, you’ll laugh you’re buts off with this one. One word of advice, don’t sit in the front five rows
VIP Hens Nights
Lifestyle Tours has the experience to pass your way to send off the Bride-to-be in a way which she will remember for years to come with a smile. We help you make it a memorable time that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.
Adult Dance Clubs
Most of you will have heard about adult dance clubs before! If you haven’t then you had better get that corrected, Pole Dancing anyone?
Stag Arrest Tour
We can arrange to have your Stag arrested, all we do is hire a push bike and send him drunk with a 6 pack riding past the main police station in Krakow.